Dance the night away with great music and live entertainment!

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Men Without Shame

The Prairies’ Ultimate Classic Rock Band!

Men Without Shame are a guitar driven classic rock group with the ultimate 70’s stage show. Bell bottoms, 6 inch platform­ boots, glam clothes…they have it all.

The band does what thousands of bands claim to do but never seem to deliver…put on a high energy interactive show that gets an audience completely involved. To hear the band play “Up Around The Bend” by CCR and then go into “Smoke On The Water” or “Little Willie” by Sweet is more like a religious experience to many rather than just another band playing songs…with the added value of a great show and lots of humour.

Rock Candy

The Professional Party Conductors!

ROCK CANDY has one thing in mind: Bring “The Party”!

Two lead vocalists, Brooke Nickel and Michael Barrett, allow the band to cover great Classics, Rockers and Top 40 songs that draw an audience to their feet.

Dynamic lead vocalist Brooke Nickel delivers classics by Heart, Pat Benatar and Journey side by side with songs from Abba & Bee Gees to Katy Perry and CeeLo Green. Brooke’s diverse voice and range adds excitement to every ROCK CANDY show.

Michael Barrett brings everything from 80’s POP to AC/DC to the song list. Tunes like “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf show off the talent of these two vocalists and add a dimension of pure fun to the show.

ROCK CANDY brings you a night of Rockin’ music and party songs that will be talked about for a long time after the event ends. LET’S HAVE FUN!